Gourmet Truffle Lovers Collection

Indulge in our first-class collection of chocolate truffles - handmade by talented, artisan chocolate chefs. Each month you'll get a new box of exclusive truffles, designed to burst with delicious chocolate flavor and leave your tastebuds wanting more.

$29.99 - $279.99

Milk Chocolate Lovers Collection

Packed with milk chocolate bars, truffle boxes, and other tasty milk chocolate creations, this is the perfect subscription for the authentic chocolate lover. Each monthly milk chocolate box is carefully selected from award winning chocolate shops.

$29.99 - $279.99

Dark Chocolate Lovers Collection

The perfect treat for dark chocolate fans - handpicked dark chocolate bars, truffles, and other gourmet chocolates made by our featured artisan chocolatiers. Get top-notch, high-quality dark chocolates delivered to you monthly.

$29.99 - $279.99

Vegan Chocolate Lovers Collection

Being vegan doesn’t mean having to miss out on that deliciousness known as chocolate. Made completely dairy-free without losing a morsel of mouth-watering flavor, these tasty treats will have you waiting in anticipation every month for your new order to arrive at your door.

$29.99 - $279.99

Chocolate Lovers Collection

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate … you love them all! You’re not one to discriminate and are ecstatic when any of these little bursts of heaven touch your tongue. Why not indulge in a variety of all of them on a regular basis? Receive a new box of carefully selected, handmade, high quality chocolates every month and satisfy that craving.

$29.99 - $279.99

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